Bingo with Biscuits

Review of Biscuit Bingo

Once upon a time, one of our dear friends was asked, “If you were a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you be?” In many respects, asking it is like to giving someone a loaded pistol and waiting for them to kill their own persona. Which would you choose? something modest yet dependable, or the extravagant, overpriced, few-in-a-pack sort seen at more upscale food stores?

He finally chimed in with ‘Digestive’ after considerable contemplation and a few more drinks. A typical man who dislikes much attention. Simply someone who wants to be available to everyone when they’re in desperate need of a brew and food.

Biscuit Bingo’s creators apparently agree with at least one of the points made above. Although the primary logo looks to be a chocolate chip cookie, this is really a person plunging head first into a cup of something, which we guess is either tea or coffee. The biscuit itself is poorly sketched, yet rounded enough to imply this is not an artisan creation, but rather a cookie cutter, production line variety of which dozens, if not hundreds of thousands, roll off the machines every day.

Absolute Nonsense

In line with this no-nonsense approach, the website leaves no doubt about what awaits. Below the logo – which is surrounded by information about the sign-up bonus you are eligible to claim – is a table detailing the many varieties of bingo you may play and the jackpots available. You can also immediately click through from here to get the ball rolling, which, while not ideal, is far superior to the majority of websites, which require you to click and click and click in order to find any indication of what may be in store through the proverbial door and into the hallowed member areas.

There is also more underneath all of that. A row of thumbnails gives you an idea of the variety of slots available, and finally, a slew of information – presented in an unappealing font size and style – informs you about the overall website, the online play option (as opposed to a download requirement), and the free bingo, no deposit system designed to entice you into a first game. Not terrible at all; let’s take a closer look to see whether the flavor matches the appearance.

Biscuits and Bingo

You’d be rather upset to discover that a bingo website did not provide a diverse selection of bingo games. Even if the game is named Biscuit Bingo, and the majority of the packages of biscuits you purchase will contain just one kind of biscuit.

Fortunately, Biscuit Bingo players are not subject to such limitations. You may choose the quantity of balls in the game, which obviously affects how much you can win, but also how many people can play simultaneously. Unfortunately, when we checked the site, there weren’t as many distinct numbers available as we’d hoped, but we’ve also encountered sites that, although specializing in bingo, had no alternatives at all. As so, hats off to you for comprehending people’s choices.

The quality of bingo on offer is really rather high. The games are easy to play, and the prize money is abundant enough to make you forget and forgive such transgressions as not having ready-to-play 30 ball bingo games. While the quality isn’t the finest we’ve ever seen, you really can’t complain too much.

Something Additional to the Pack

As we have previously established via the application of, as Hercule Poirot would say, ‘le petit grey cell,’ there is more on offer here than bingo. Click on the slots to see how many diversions Biscuit Bingo has to offer. This is when things start to become a little unexpected. And possibly a bit disorienting as well.

There are definitely enough slots to keep you entertained for a while, but this is not a slots site, nor is it a bingo site with great slots. The slot quality is adequate, nothing revolutionary, and you might possibly exhaust the range in less than 10 trips. Nonetheless, there is more to this area than the term ‘Slots’ implies — the key word being ‘casino.’ Or, at the very least, one of them.